Welcome to my blog

Hi guys!

This is my first blog and I am so excited to get started and let you beautiful lot in to my little world.

So why am I starting this? 

Well, when I realised I should be using my spare time to be creative again, I wanted to start online. Contemplating how to merge my love for fashion, spending money and all around girlishness together, I quickly realised that, as I write for a living anyway, it could actually fit in well with that merge, and the idea of my blog was found! Ta-da!

I really wanted to make sure I come across in my posts, because not only am I definitely a character, but I think there are plenty of other girls like me out there.

Why the name?

LDSK (which stands for Little Did She Know by the way), was a great name that my boyfriend came up with when I was struggling to find the perfect name to sum up my blog.

OK, so you will catch on pretty quickly that I am short, 5’1″ to be exact! And I think being short is great, except for the times when you get reminded how short you actually are.
My fellow shortys will understand…you know those times when you keep hitting your head on cupboard door corners, standing on your tippy toes to see yourself in mirrors and having to climb the equivalent of a miniature assault course just to get the packet of pasta from the top shelf in the kitchen!

I also love to spend money, that’s on clothes, beauty, food and new ventures, you know the typical girly things.

So, combining my height with trying and buying new things, we came up with the name.

What am I going to write about? 

As I am new to the blogging world, I am interested in learning what you guys want to know about. From trying outfits in petite to regular and seeing what I recommend, to trying out delicious recipes in the kitchen (when I can reach the ingredients), to places I am visiting and what they have to offer.

I really hope you guys enjoy my stories.

Thanks for reading,



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