Home-made Makeup Brush Cleaner

I have had a few friends pinch my makeup brushes when they come over to get ready for a night out, and they always seem to comment on how soft they are. Usually, yes it is the brush itself, but I have a home-made trick up my sleeve to keep them at their best.

Rather than using harsh chemicals which usually cost lots – you can clean your brushes gently, with a few ingredients from your kitchen! (no this isn’t suppose to be a cooking post!)

What you will need: 

image2 (1).JPG

Dirty makeup brushes
Hot water
Liquid soap (Make sure it is anti-bacterial)
Olive oil
Small bowl
Clean towel

This is such a simple way to clean your brushes, no fancy new machines needed!

Start by pouring the olive oil and the liquid soap in the empty bowl. My mixtures are usually 1 part olive oil and 2 parts soap, as you will need more soap to wash the makeup off the brushes and keep them germ free!

To avoid damaging the brush, use a circular motion to swirl the mixture in the bowl. After a few swirls you should start to see the makeup coming away from the brush into the mixture. When you have completely covered the brush, rinse the brush head in warm-to-hot water, I tend to use a running tap so I can actually see if the water leaving the brush is clear.

Once you have thoroughly washed the brush head,lightly roll and dab the brush head on a clean towel to remove excess water. Your brushes may take an hour to fully dry.

Ta-da! You have some very sexy looking clean brushes, and it was all thanks to some soap and oil! Who would have thought?

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