WunderBrow2: Review

So this post comes with a warning, when you scroll down, you will see how bald my forehead looks without drawn on eyebrows! For that purpose, I decided to purchase my first WunderBrow2 eyebrow gel and let you guys know my thoughts. 

This product comes in different shades of ‘hair colour’, blonde, brown/black, auburn and brunette. Now I am definitely not the first to write a review on this product, so swatch sample images are out there for you to look at.

Typically I would use a wax/powder blend to draw on the old slugs, but as this rubs off pretty easily, I wake up everyday having to re-draw a new set. So to save myself some time and effort I figured, why not try what everyone is raving about! (here’s my before).


I purchased the brown/black shade as I naturally have dark features, and it cost me £19.95. When I opened the packet, the gel, a mascara brush and instructions were inside. To be clear, I am pretty fussy with my brows being shaped with defined lines, so I would recommend grabbing a ‘slope eyeliner’ brush from your tool-kit, ah I mean makeup bag, to help you get the definition.

The gel is pretty lightweight, but as it is in a bottle rather than a jar or palette I decided to blob some on the back of my hand to dip from. I used the slope liner brush to create by lines, and then used the WunderBrow brush stick to fill in. The mascara brush is ideal for thicker brow hair to comb the gel in, but as I seem to have baby hair on my forehead instead, I didn’t find it very useful.

Reminder** wash the blob off your hand ASAP, this stuff is tough! All in all, this product definitely delivers, my only negative point is that the gel can feel a little sticky for a while after applying, but I wouldn’t knock it due to this as it’s going to let me wake up with eyebrows from now on – hooray!



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