My Birthday Meal: Pier64, Penarth

I don’t know about you, but recently I have been watching Masterchef Juniors on TV religiously! I mean, those kids are 9 years old and make the most amazing dishes! Which got me thinking, where could I go in Cardiff which is like that?

As previously mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I am another year older this weekend, so celebrating with my boyfriend, friends and family is clearly a must!

Friday night, my boyfriend, Jason, booked us a table at Pier64 which is located on the waterfront of Penarth Marina, and I was so happy he did! We had a table which overlooked the water which was lovely, and started with a bottle of Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc – I let him choose the wine for once, and as I am a bit of a wine snob, it was a pretty big deal!

image2 (4).JPG

The restaurant has such a nice atmosphere and isn’t loud and full of bustle, the decor is modern but comfortable and the service and staff are all really good. It’s the type of restaurant you go to if you want your wine poured for you.

There is a nice choice for appetisers which were all very tempting, I chose the calamari which was served with a absolutely gorgeous dipping sauce, Jason had the crab which was topped with avocado and garnished with horse radish.

For ‘entree’, oh look at me being posh, I had to have the wild prawn linguine as it is one of my most favorite dishes, Jason, being a man, had the sirloin steak with dauphinoise potatoes. The menu had mainly a variety of fish or steak cuts as options.  I am no food critic but, I know what is tasty, and my pasta was actually heaven on a plate, the prawns were a little too salty for me but all round I was stuffed! So-much-so we didn’t have room for dessert – sorry guys no yummy dessert pictures available this time.

We will definitely be going back!



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