Turning 27: My Birthday

So another year older, and most definitely wiser! I have had one of the most interesting years of my life. Officially the year I got my s**t together!

image1 (11).JPG

Last birthday, 26 years old and I had just met my boyfriend, Jason. He is 6 years older than me and for that I am super grateful. He managed to teach me how to be mature but also allow me to stay young, through introducing me to a new group of people and moving to Cardiff together in our little flat down the bay. I also got to be a part of his amazing family this year with lots of amazing days out and events – including his gorgeous sister’s wedding to Stuart.


This year I started my new job as an assessor, and for the first time ever, I have had the chance to work with my best friend, Natalie, after several attempts in the past years! God I love this girl, we have so much fun and she is always the one I turn to – no more car crashes this year please my angel!


I also got the chance to be friends with another beautiful Natalie and an adorable little blondey by the name of Abbie. Together we have had some cracking nights out in Cardiff and I can’t wait for even more this year. They already know me pretty well, and hopefully the older I get the less likely I am to go home before midnight –  we will see! I mean, look at them aren’t they just so hot?


My family and I get closer every time we see each other, and it’s so nice to see everyone, even though we all live between Cardiff, Swansea, London and Liverpool. Most of the time we spend together, we are laughing and reflecting on memories – some of which my mother has no recollection of! And I would like to say a special thank you to my big sister, who was kind enough to wish me happy birthday by posting a picture of when I milked a goat, on Facebook!

I also got to reunite with some friends from my uni days – it is great to see how every one is getting along, and I am looking forward to attending one of their weddings later this year.

This birthday I plan on eating loads of great food, drinking plenty of cocktails and spending time with amazing people – oh and of course, blogging about any and everything along the way 🙂

Thanks for a great year everyone xXx


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