My Hair: I’m on Cloud9!

Birthday presents are always a sweetener to getting another year older, which is why this year I don’t mind turning 27 at all with the gift that I got!


My boyfriend knows exactly how girly I am, so when it came to picking out the perfect present for me, it had to either involve clothes, hair or makeup! Well I had dresses, but to add to it, I had this amazing new hair toy from Cloud9, called ‘The O’ heated rollers.

I had a leather cylinder case which included a variety of sized rollers, grips, ‘TheO’ and some styling spray. It was very organised with labels sections and pockets. Now, you are probably thinking ‘what’s the big deal – they’re just heated rollers?’, well my beautiful readers, this gadget is not just any old hair tool to give you a bouncy do – oh no!

This is how it works, ‘TheO’ is plugged in and turned on at the back, it is lightweight  and small so can fit on most vanity areas. It does not get hot, it does not make any noise, it just sits there patiently waiting for you to pop a roller in to the middle! OK- here’s the magic part which I am still very confused about, once the roller is in the middle, ‘TheO’ will bleep about 4-5 times until the green light is solid, this means the curler is ready. The curler is not hot to touch, nor is ‘TheO’, you just pop the roller in and apply a grip to hold it in place and the heat starts to form in the curler afterwards – crazy I know! (Scroll down to see my results after only 10 minutes) 



I naturally have very fine and straight hair, so it is easy to curl and style but can fall flat just as easy. I don’t tend to weigh my hair down by applying a lot of product but as the styling spray was included in my very sexy case, I of course tried it out – and I must say it is light weight and smells awesome. You have to apply this spray to damp or dry hair and at a distance (say between 10-20 cm)  so that it falls evenly.

The curlers came in 50mm, 40mm, 30mm & 20mm, and the grips do match these sizes, which I wasn’t aware of at first.


Here are my before and after results just to give you an idea of how easy and quick it was to get volume and soft curls in just 10 minutes (no-I am not wearing any extensions or other products). I love this magical device and I can’t wait to use it over and over again!

Lip colour: W7 – matte lipstick “Madame Fifi”
Top: Boohoo – black roller neck bodysuit 





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