My Valentine’s Day sweets

This year we changed things up and decided to spread the love and celebrations over the whole week. 

My birthday falls just 2 days before St Valentine’s Day, so it is hard to plan so much in such a little time. This year we decided to make it work over the whole week, so not to drink ourselves silly – although we have consumed a small vineyard so far!

I am all for sharing the love and celebrating relationships as a national festivity, but I don’t think you have to pay over the top prices to celebrate with your loved one. Cooking a meal and talking over the dining table is just enough to get that spark going for the evening.

Tonight I made another one of the old boy’s favorite dishes, Thai Green Curry, which I wrote about earlier. But I also made these super cute pink and white chocolate strawberries to share with some bubbly later on.

What you need: 

image1 (17).JPG

400g of white chocolate
Punnet of strawberries
Pink food dye
Small ‘dipping’ dishes

White chocolate is not like dark/milk chocolate, it will melt easily and burn just as easy so use this gentle melting method to avoid disaster.

Place boiling water from the kettle in a metal pan and place a pyrex jug or glass bowl to fit inside comfortably. Do not place on the hob, there is no need. Break up the chocolate into pieces and empty into the bowl and leave them to melt on their own, only stirring occasionally.

Whilst that’s getting hot and bothered, place some meringues into a bowl and start crushing them with a wooden spoon until you have some little meringue sprinkles. Place clingfilm over your chopping board very tightly, to avoid crinkles.

Once your chocolate is melted, pour 2/3 into another mixing bowl and add 2-3 drops of pink food dye. Mix it all the way through until you have baby pink chocolate. Start dipping those strawberries and rest them on the chopping board. Take a fork and dip it into the rest of the white chocolate and drizzle over the resting strawberries. Dip a few more strawberries in to the remaining white chocolate and sprinkle your meringue pieces over them.

Let them rest in the fridge until the chocolate hardens, and serve! Pretty simple, and you can always add different things like real flower buds, ribbon and cupcake cases to present them in a box to your valentine.

I used @chocoberry_moscow as some serious inspiration here! Check them out on Instagram.


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