Insta: Colesbourne Inn, Cheltenham

So sometimes you just need a quick get away, hop in the car and drive… and that is just what we did, after a little bit too much stress from back home.

I am so glad we decided to be spontaneous and looked up a quick get away to make a little ‘babymoon’ from a road trip, before our lives are completely different with Baby Smith’s arrival.

Living in a small West Wales town, sometimes you simply need to hop on the M4 and see where it takes you. Well, this time it took us to Cheltenham for a relaxing night away in the Colesbourne Inn, Wadworth.

What a little hidden gem! – relaxing countryside at it’s best, with our room being situated in a fully renovated cottage, and it was super quiet. Arriving at the hotel, we could just smell the cooking walking through the pub/restaurant area to reception, some guy was having a fish dish which smelt divine!

The room was a deluxe double on the ground floor (great for a pregnant woman) with a beautifully decorated interior including all of the typical cottage features, even including a back door to the gardens. I had to jump straight in the bath because the bathroom was so inviting, and the rest of the room was decorated with a typical ‘Laura Ashley’ style decor.

We decided to have a nice drink in the pub before heading into Cheltenham town for our meal (click here to see where we went). The pub was so cosy and modern at the same time, making it our cup of tea! With candles and log fires lighting up the room, you know – in that nostalgic ‘evening-down-the-pub’ feel, and all the staff were super friendly.

We booked the room via Expedia for £95, but with a handy voucher code on, we managed to save 10% on top. The price included Wifi and breakfast.

Breakfast was also amazing, freshly cooked to order from a selected menu and great service, with additional cereal, fresh fruit, yogurts and juices (buffet style).

I would go back for another chilled out night away, or recommend this place to anyone looking for something similar. But, next time, I would definitely enjoy the pub/restaurant for a night which looks top notch.


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