Insta: The Clarence Social, Cheltenham

From previous posts, you will know I am an avid watcher of Masterchef, in particular Masterchef Australia, and with my nightly ritual of drooling over delicious looking dishes, I try to look for contemporary restaurants around, for me to try some new flavours. From our recent road trip, and searching on for local restaurants in Cheltenham, we came across The Clarence Social, a modern bar and restaurant in the centre of the town.

Pregnant as ever, we didn’t know our way around town and ended up parking in a carpark a little too far away from the restaurant, and the clever person I am, I decided it best to wear my highest heeled boots! Once we got to the venue, we walked into the flamingo lit entrance. The bar is full of fresh ingredients to add to the cocktails and the decor is very quirky.

We were greeted at the bar by a member of staff who took us up to the nook (top floor) of the renovated building where the restaurant seating area is. There is a mini bar with service in this area, and the waitress was very much on hand for us, however it wasn’t very busy being middle of the week.

So what did we have? 

The menu was full of choice, but being pregnant I had to avoid some foods which I was gutted about!

To Start – 
Crispy Squid & Pigeon

Mains –
Fillet Steak & Rump Lamb

Dessert –
Coconut Brownie

View the full menu here

Although I did enjoy the food, I was slightly disappointed that there was no ‘mocktail’ menu for the little pregnant diner to choose from, however, the waitress did manage to create something delicious for me to sip on.

If you are looking for somewhere to eat local to the area, and for a good night out, definitely book here. The restaurant is situated very close to local clubs and bars so it is a great starting point for your night away.


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