Little Did She Know: Explained


Hey everyone!

The blog is getting a slight face-lift and with it new content. I found it fitting, seeming as there has been a lot of changes to my little life recently and I am creating a more consistent look for myself. I can see that you have been visiting my pages, even though I haven’t been very active over the last few months, so thank you!

This blog will still touch on new products and places I try out, as well as little tricks that I have up my sleeve, but I also want to touch on more important topics like relationships, health and creativity.

So first bit of great news: I’m pregnant with my first baby and Jason and I are literally over the moon, so expect plenty of updates for baby related products and news on here! We have found out it is a boy – a little scary for me as I wasn’t raised with any boys, nor was there very many in my extended family, so let the fun begin with all the learning and panicking!

We’ve also moved from a big city to a little town and have our own home, so there will be lots more home-making and creativity tips on here for you too.

Keep up to date with my Instagram page (@sabi_ldsk) for whats going on with me and what I’m up to. I will also be explaining my posts on here in more depth, so you can keep up to date.

Happy reading, and thanks for visiting 🙂



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