Insta: Behind the photo

So with these recent changes to my life, comes a new group of feelings and thoughts.

Ever wonder what could happen if you had to distance someone you loved dearly? How about if they were still in reach, but untouchable?

Not every reader will understand the feeling, and I am glad if you haven’t because you are one of the lucky ones. Being pregnant, I am more emotional but more protective of myself and who is around me, I hope all first time mums go through this also. I seem to have a new sense of confidence and realisation of who is around me and how they act towards me.

I wanted to talk about that for a little bit, in case there is anyone else out there who needs to relate.

For many years, I have struggled with relationships and friendships and how to stay ‘truly happy’ within myself, and suddenly I have found myself at 27 years old, settled in the healthiest relationship I have ever been in and now I am starting a family of my own. So naturally, it puts things into perspective. It shows, when you stop trying to battle your thoughts and this ‘perfect perception’ of what you think life should look like, then you will find happiness and everything will fall into place.

I suffer with really strong anxiety, I am not afraid to tell people that now, but a few years ago I would never let myself be so vulnerable. It shouldn’t be something you should you hide, but tackle head on.

I know that most people take a while to find themselves and to feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments, so I want to tell you this, that is OK! Life isn’t about the destination, it is all about the journey – as cliche as that may sound. You have to stumble on a few blocks and gain a few scratches and bruises, before you can truly say you have learned.

Value every experience you have, good and bad, because even though you may have to struggle at the time, you will get out stronger.

If you find yourself struggling with anxiety, visit some of these platforms for a little help:

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