Recipe: Choc-Chip Pancakes

Here’s my cheeky little recipe for choc-chip scotch pancakes which is a hit at breakfast or snack time.


100g Caster Sugar
200g Self raising flour
2 Large eggs
100ml Milk
35g Choc Chips

You will also need some frying oil and an electric whisk. Total preparation and cooking time: 20 mins

First add the sugar, flour and eggs to a mixing bowl, and whisk together until a dough forms.
Once the dough has formed, add your milk and whisk further until the dough becomes more of a batter mixture. Tip: lift the mixer or spoon to see the consistency, there should be a constant trail being left with no gaps or lumps.


Once you have a yummy batter, fold in the choc chips with a wooden spoon.

Now, get a large flat frying pan and heat the oil gently, this oil should not be smoking hot… I lost a lot of choc-chip pancakes making that error! (sheds tear).

Once heated, the oil will start to cook the mixture as soon as it hits the pan, so drop or pour the mixture and don’t try to move the spoon or jug about, the circle shape comes on its own.

Rule of thumb – with pancakes, the mixture is ready to flip once the oil is bubbling from under the pancake. You can flip the pancake more than once … it’s not a steak so don’t worry.


  • Serving suggestions:
    Fresh fruit and sprinkled icing sugar
    Fresh pouring cream
    Drizzled hot chocolate sauce

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