Recipe: Crispy Chilli Sesame Chicken

Being able to dish up a home cooked meal is a beautiful thing.

Here’s my take on a delicious crispy sesame seed chicken recipe you can easily do at home, with photos to help!

Ingredients: (serves 2) takes about 45 mins to make

For the Chicken:
2 or 3 Chicken breasts (diced)
2 tbl sp. Cornflour (sometimes known as cornstarch)
1 Large Egg
Salt & Pepper (pinch of each)
Frying oil

For the Sauce:
35ml Soy Sauce (Dark)
35ml Toasted Sesame oil
1 tbl sp. of brown sugar
Splash of White wine
Splash of Water
Splash of vinegar
2 chopped green chillies
1 inch of grated ginger
1 grated clove of garlic
1 & 1/2 spoonfuls of sesame seeds

Sounds like a lot, but don’t worry! Once you have purchased most of the ingredients once, they keep in the cupboard to make over and over again, and trust me you will want to!

I was debating on whether to start with the sauce or the chicken first, but timings show the following is best.


  1. Mix the egg, cornflour, salt and pepper together in a bowl. Add the diced chicken and leave to rest.
  2. Now the sauce… Add all of the above sauce ingredients together in a separate bowl and mix together. The longer you leave all the ingredients marinate together the yummier the sauce will be!
  3. Back to your chicken, grab a medium sized pan and add around 3 inches or so of frying oil (I used ‘Crisp ‘N’ Dry) and heat. The temperature will be right when you start seeing waves in the oil. Take a sifting spoon (a steel serving spoon with holes in it) and gently place the coated chicken into the oil. It roughly takes 5-7 minutes to cook the chicken thoroughly, but always make sure but cutting a larger piece of chicken to check for any pink!
  4. Once all of the chicken is cooked, place some oil into a frying pan or wok, add the chicken and pour over the sauce you’ve made. The sauce will immediately get sticky so just keep stirring the chicken. I also added some baby corn for serving, but you can add plenty of other veg if you wanted.

I hope you enjoy your yummy sticky chicken for dinner!

Serving suggestions:

  • Egg fried rice
  • Stir fry noodles
  • Stir fried vegtables


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