Home-made Makeup Brush Cleaner

I have had a few friends pinch my makeup brushes when they come over to get ready for a night out, and they always seem to comment on how soft they are. Usually, yes it is the brush itself, but I have a home-made trick up my sleeve to keep them at their best.

Rather than using harsh chemicals which usually cost lots – you can clean your brushes gently, with a few ingredients from your kitchen! (no this isn’t suppose to be a cooking post!)

What you will need: 

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My Kiehl’s experience

Ah the generosity at Christmas time, nothing compares! You get given such amazing gifts, money and plenty of food! But this Christmas I was unsure what to expect, not having asked for much more than botox and a coat.Seeming as I am getting closer to 30, I think my choices speak for themselves.

Well I definitely had my coat, but my darling sister found it hard to get botox in a box…

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