Home-made Makeup Brush Cleaner

I have had a few friends pinch my makeup brushes when they come over to get ready for a night out, and they always seem to comment on how soft they are. Usually, yes it is the brush itself, but I have a home-made trick up my sleeve to keep them at their best.

Rather than using harsh chemicals which usually cost lots – you can clean your brushes gently, with a few ingredients from your kitchen! (no this isn’t suppose to be a cooking post!)

What you will need: 

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Recipe: Creamy Mushroom Chicken

Ok, so occasionally I can reach ingredients in the kitchen and put together some really tasty meals. Tonight I made my boyfriend’s favorite concoction, Creamy Mushroom Chicken.
As it is almost Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th for the guys who don’t remember), why not try this out to tempt your partner’s taste buds?

What you are going to need:

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My Kiehl’s experience

Ah the generosity at Christmas time, nothing compares! You get given such amazing gifts, money and plenty of food! But this Christmas I was unsure what to expect, not having asked for much more than botox and a coat.Seeming as I am getting closer to 30, I think my choices speak for themselves.

Well I definitely had my coat, but my darling sister found it hard to get botox in a box…

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